Construction work, and specifically industrial construction work, can be inherently risky, and requires special attention to detail. Our approach to safety on our projects is thorough and actively managed, but our metrics are reviewed against one standard; whether every worker coming to our projects returns home each and every day in as good or better condition than they arrived.

We are fully compliant with local, state, and federal safety regulations, provide a comprehensive program of policies, training, and oversight, and strive to acknowledge successes as much as directing attention to elements that could be improved.

“Safety is a commitment that I personally promote. Our safety program is designed around the belief that awareness and education are the primary tools for prevention. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment.  In return, we demand that our employees and all other project personnel commit to our attitude and rigorous standards and step up to our goal of zero incidents/zero accidents.”
E. Scott Dahlgren, President

  • We are committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for our employees and all other people connected with our projects
  • We are committed to a drug free workplace.
  • We are committed to achieving the most advanced approaches to safety through continuous education of our employees.
  • We are committed to continuous safety improvements through to incentives and education of our employees.
  • We demand that our craft and management employees as well as the employees of our subcontractors, commit to our attitude and rigorous standards in order to achieve our goal of zero incidents/zero accidents.

SMART Dream Team Member

SMART is a non-profit trade association helping employers to build and maintain a safety based culture in workplaces throughout Washington State. The SMART Dream Team is a select group of participants that are industry leaders in safety. Participants are dedicated to lowering their experience factors and the premium paid to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Costs are lowered through proactive claims management, safe job sites, and commitment to a company-wide safety culture.

Dream Team participants are committed to keeping injured workers on salary for no less than 30 days. They keep costs low by preventing accidents and returning injured workers to light duty. To qualify for the program each prospective participant must complete a Dream Team Pre-qualification form and submit a letter of intent. New members are voted in by a 60 percent consensus of existing participants.

SMART provides benefits and services including:

  • The Puget Sound Area Safety Summit
  • Enrollment in the SMART Education Center
  • Retro program participation
  • Health care plan
  • 401(k) plan participation
  • Financial education and workshops
  • Bilingual translation and education
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Networking opportunities, including monthly meetings, annual golf tournament, and additional training
  • Committee involvement
  • Safety newsletters
  • Access to Resources w/link to e-forum, resource database, etc.


Dahlgren Industrial is a participating member of ISNetworld, which is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that help manage risk and strengthen relationships. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes.

Through ISNetworld, ISN collects, reviews and stores our health, safety and procurement information, allowing us to complete the qualification process for multiple Hiring Clients at once. We are one of 75,000 active contractors and suppliers who use ISNetworld to help improve our workplace safety and streamline the prequalification process.