January Foods Emergency Column Replacement

On Wednesday even Dahlgren received a message from a new client regarding a column collapse in one of their processing facilities and a subsequent 16-inch drop of the roof at that location. The City of Kent building officials condemned, evacuated, and precluded food production until proper structural repairs could be made. January Foods had multiple raw material deliveries unable to be rerouted or cancelled and needed to be back operational as soon as possible. Within a few hours the Dahlgren team had walked the site, reviewed the damage, and developed with a plan for getting the client back on-line with the least amount of delay.

By the end of Thursday day, Dahlgren had developed an approved work plan and received design acceptance by the structural engineer and client.  By the end of Friday, Dahlgren had exercised all local vendors to procure the necessary labor, materials, and rental equipment in order to construct and place two temporary jacking columns as well as the permanent replacement over the coming weekend.

On Saturday the crew constructed the jacking columns, mobilized both the Dahlgren safety manager as well as an additional structural engineer to approve the temporary column design and permanent column splice detail. The jacking columns were then precisely raised into place to re-level the support beam to its original height.

Sunday Dahlgren removed the existing utility support from the damaged column and dismantled it in manageable pieces. They then built, leveled, welded, and anchored the permanent replacement column in place and reinstalled the utility support.  The temporary supports were removed and we demobilized the processing area.

By Monday morning Dahlgren had poured grout back on the existing curb notched for the previously larger wood column, primed and painted the new steel, and remobilized the engineer to confirm there was no permanent damage to the surrounding structure of the building.  The City of Kent approved the repair and allowed January Foods to resume operations Monday morning, having only been off-line for three working days.


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