Hangar Door Addition – Everett, Washington

Dahlgren was invited to participate in a multi-contractor, major reconfiguration of a Final Assembly building including the addition of a new aircraft hangar door to be installed.  Heavy coordination amongst the contractors and our client was implemented daily, and ultimately proved successful as the projects completed.

Early design and constructability support was provided on the project, which included creating a new 85’ by 320’ opening in an existing building, new pile-supported foundations, and a new superstructure and cladding for the door assemblies.

The doors were built locally and consisted of eight (8) doors of 30’ width by 80’ height, and two (2) feet thick, supported on rails embedded into the new foundation.

To deal with the logistical constraints of an active facility, Dahlgren proposed a unique method of construction whereby the entire space truss assembly was built on the ground (15’d x 30’h x 320’l), then hoisted and set into place using a strand-jacking system.  This method reduced obstructions on an active material handling lane, and reduced safety risk from assembly of trusses in-air.

The doors were completed, commissioned, tested, and put into operation on-time.

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