Continental Grain; Tacoma Export Facility Rebuild, Tacoma, Washington

During the middle of harvest season, a major explosion at Continental Grain Company’s TEMCO facility in the Port of Tacoma rendered the work-house portion of this grain handling facility inoperable. The blast destroyed one floor level, and severely damaged three of the four main elevators.

We were contacted two days after the blast and within 24 hours, the project management team was selected and began mobilizing on-site. By day five, a man lift was erected and several semi-trucks of tools, equipment and materials were delivered and staged.

Round-the-clock shifts were implemented in order to quickly bring the facility back in operation. The work involved difficult concrete and steel placement, as well as equipment installation and precision alignment.

The plant was in full operation 90 days after mobilization, at which time Burlington Northern placed all of their grain cargo equipment in service to resupply the facility.

Elevations and unstable conditions associated with the explosion made safety a heightened priority. We implemented a site-specific safety plan which was reviewed with crews daily. Results of this awareness effort paid off with zero lost time accidents on this difficult fast-track project.

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