Cement Plant Modernization – Ash Grove Cement, Seattle, Washington

The existing Ash Grove cement plant, which had become technologically obsolete, was essentially replaced in this modernization. Work was done under a design/build contract. Together with our design consultant, HNTB, we were responsible for the civil and structural design and construction portions of the work, as well as the piping, electrical and mechanical equipment erection. The Fuller Company designed the process and furnished the major equipment.

Components of the project included barge receiving and unloading, a truck dump facility, a variety of material handling systems, coal handling systems for coal firing, a vertical grinding mill, a baghouse/dedusting facility, two slip-formed blending and storage silos, a preheat tower, a cement kiln, warehouse/shop building, office/control building, and ancillary structures.

Although the Ash Grove plant is on a 25-acre site, space was extremely tight because of restricted access, existing structures, and the large size of the structural components and equipment to be assembled and installed. The heaviest crane pick involved lifting pieces of the cement kiln, with three cranes hoisting 290 tons. Equipment for the plant was received from all over the world, requiring both extensive coordination and expediting of deliveries.

The project earned a remarkable safety record. During the 19 months between sitework and startup, there was no lost time accidents in over 400,000 manhours.

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