General Manufacturing Projects

Chemi-Con Materials, Corporation – Numerous Improvements

Dahlgren Industrial as participated in numerous improvements to the Chemi-Con Materials Corporation facility in Moses Lake, WA since 2011.  This firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Based Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation.  At this facility, they manufacture energy intensive materials that are used throughout the world for manufacturing high voltage electronic capacitors.  Over the years, Dahlgren has worked with their Japan based and Moses Lake based engineering and management personnel to both plan and execute construction projects.  Some of those projects are listed as follows:


  • 2011    TDS Evaporator Improvements:
    • Construction New Building and install a new Packaged Evaporator as procured by client. This project involved the complete design of the building as well as mechanical and electrical utilities.


  • 2013    Pump Safety Valve Implementation:
    • In an effort to improve the safety conditions for Chemi-Con employees, Dahlgren was contracted to supply and install large isolation valves within one of evaporator systems at the plant.


  • 2014    East Bay Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Units Installation:
    • For this project, Dahlgren Industrial was contracted to Design, Supply and Install two large Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Units to support additional cooling demand in the facility.  This project included the complete design as well as procurement and installation of this equipment.  A control system was also designed and supplied and integrated into the plant’s other monitoring systems.


  • 2015    New Boric Evaporator Installation:
    • For this project, Dahlgren Industrial was contracted to install a new Packaged Evaporator as procured by client. This equipment was installed within an existing building however, numerous improvements were required.  This project also included a backup generator system to operate external critical cooling processes.


  • 2017    Environmental Modifications:
    • This project occurred during the plants regularly scheduled summer shutdown.  During this time, Dahlgren helped to improve several features of the plant’s environmental treatment processes.  Some process tanks were removed and relocated.  Concrete containment areas were repaired and improved.  Finally, new floor coating systems were applied.


  • 2018    Miscellaneous Projects:
    • Throughout this year, we participated in several projects for this client.  Those projects include:
      • Design, Supply and Install a complete industrial oven system
      • Repair Air Cooled Heat Exchanger bundles damaged during freezing
      • Replace Air Cooled Heat Exchanger bundles damaged during freezing
      • The oven project created a significant capacity increase to the facility and required urgent completion to meet production demands.   Dahlgren’s work included the procurement of ovens as well at participation with design, fabrication and delivery of the ovens.  Dahlgren rigged and set the equipment when they were delivered and completed the installation of the utility connections.  The exhaust systems were significant.
      • Dahlgren repaired 2 ea. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger bundles on an emergency basis.  Dahlgren mechanics traced out the numerous leaks and patched and test them.
      • Dahlgren removed and replaced the 1 ea. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger bundle that could not be repaired.  This work included rigging and removing the old bundle and replacing the new bundle.

Continental Grain; Tacoma Export Facility Rebuild, Tacoma, Washington

During the middle of harvest season, a major explosion at Continental Grain Company’s TEMCO facility in the Port of Tacoma rendered the work-house portion of this grain handling facility inoperable. The blast destroyed one floor level, and severely damaged three of the four main elevators.

We were contacted two days after the blast and within 24 hours, the project management team was selected and began mobilizing on-site. By day five, a man lift was erected and several semi-trucks of tools, equipment and materials were delivered and staged.

Round-the-clock shifts were implemented in order to quickly bring the facility back in operation. The work involved difficult concrete and steel placement, as well as equipment installation and precision alignment.

The plant was in full operation 90 days after mobilization, at which time Burlington Northern placed all of their grain cargo equipment in service to resupply the facility.

Elevations and unstable conditions associated with the explosion made safety a heightened priority. We implemented a site-specific safety plan which was reviewed with crews daily. Results of this awareness effort paid off with zero lost time accidents on this difficult fast-track project.

Cement Plant Modernization – Ash Grove Cement, Seattle, Washington

The existing Ash Grove cement plant, which had become technologically obsolete, was essentially replaced in this modernization. Work was done under a design/build contract. Together with our design consultant, HNTB, we were responsible for the civil and structural design and construction portions of the work, as well as the piping, electrical and mechanical equipment erection. The Fuller Company designed the process and furnished the major equipment.

Components of the project included barge receiving and unloading, a truck dump facility, a variety of material handling systems, coal handling systems for coal firing, a vertical grinding mill, a baghouse/dedusting facility, two slip-formed blending and storage silos, a preheat tower, a cement kiln, warehouse/shop building, office/control building, and ancillary structures.

Although the Ash Grove plant is on a 25-acre site, space was extremely tight because of restricted access, existing structures, and the large size of the structural components and equipment to be assembled and installed. The heaviest crane pick involved lifting pieces of the cement kiln, with three cranes hoisting 290 tons. Equipment for the plant was received from all over the world, requiring both extensive coordination and expediting of deliveries.

The project earned a remarkable safety record. During the 19 months between sitework and startup, there was no lost time accidents in over 400,000 manhours.

Kent Liquid Argon & Nitrogen Upgrades – Private Client, Kent, Washington

Dahlgren Industrial was contracted to provide construction services in support of upgrades to the liquid argon and liquid nitrogen production and storage facilities at a client’s facility in Kent, WA. Among the largest challenges on this project were a compressed schedule causing work to start in the middle of the winter season, and an active production facility with heavy trucking activity and large storage tanks and process lines directly adjacent to the work area.

Dahlgren Industrial provided full site work preparation and foundation systems to support installation and piping of new tanks, including auger-cast pilings, thick pile caps and equipment pads, new containment areas and basins, a CMU storage building, and other site improvements such as asphalt pavement restoration and new concrete curbs.

Work was successfully completed on time and on budget to support our client’s successor activities.