Aerospace Projects

Dahlgren Industrial has earned numerous Performance Excellence Awards in Silver and Gold levels over our years of service and was nominated by a local aerospace client for the 2018 Supplier of the Year Award.

Change Incorp & Refurb Flightline Projects – Everett, WA

Reactivation of Flightline Stall to help improve client production. Project included building demolition, extensive concrete removals and trenching, remediation and proper disposal of PCB rich soils and sealants, relocation and installation of modular buildings, installation of new crew sheds and installation of new hardstands for mechanical and electrical components to support client production.

Project was completed on a live Flightline and required extensive coordination and close proximity plans to complete scope without interfering with client production. Project also required significant outages to tie-in new systems. Due to careful coordination and effective planning from the Construction Team, all outages were completed successfully with minimal impact to client production.

Paint Hangar Retrofit – Everett, Washington

Dahlgren Industrial was hired by a private client to upgrade a 25 year old, 60,000 square foot paint hangar at their facility in Everett.  Construction work to retrofit the 25 year old, 60,000SF hangar began in August 2006.

The scope of the project included demolition of all stacker cranes, underwing platforms, piping, HVAC, and electrical systems, control systems and selective demolition of many building components.  Once the hangar was essentially “gutted,” the re-build got underway.  550 tons of seismic structural steel upgrades were installed, and a new floor was built at elevation consisting of walk-on ceiling, and new HVAC/electrical and controls elements.  Also completed were new stacker cranes, new underwing platforms, filter box modifications, and new weigh scale pits to complete the refresh of the hangar.

The paint hangar was brought back on-line after a comprehensive commissioning program completed on schedule.

Hangar Door Addition – Everett, Washington

Dahlgren was invited to participate in a multi-contractor, major reconfiguration of a Final Assembly building including the addition of a new aircraft hangar door to be installed.  Heavy coordination amongst the contractors and our client was implemented daily, and ultimately proved successful as the projects completed.

Early design and constructability support was provided on the project, which included creating a new 85’ by 320’ opening in an existing building, new pile-supported foundations, and a new superstructure and cladding for the door assemblies.

The doors were built locally and consisted of eight (8) doors of 30’ width by 80’ height, and two (2) feet thick, supported on rails embedded into the new foundation.

To deal with the logistical constraints of an active facility, Dahlgren proposed a unique method of construction whereby the entire space truss assembly was built on the ground (15’d x 30’h x 320’l), then hoisted and set into place using a strand-jacking system.  This method reduced obstructions on an active material handling lane, and reduced safety risk from assembly of trusses in-air.

The doors were completed, commissioned, tested, and put into operation on-time.

Factory Build-Out – Tukwila, Washington

Dahlgren was asked to provide design assistance and construction on a series of fast-track elements at a recently re-activated aircraft production building in Tukwila while active aircraft production occurred immediately adjacent to the work area.

Special coordination was performed early on with the design team to provide constructability review and sequence design packages to expedite construction, and budgeting/cost reporting was performed for our client at each stage during design and construction.

The project consisted of multiple scopes and phases, including:

  • Construction of new aircraft service pits within the new factory floor and new epoxy floor coatings
  • Renovation and restoration of existing hangar doors with the addition of new movable tail door elements to fit the aircraft tail profiles,
  • A new convenience store build-out within the office area of the facility,
  • New storage and parts area with structural steel structure and lid,
  • Removal of existing site elements and reconfiguration of the site paving and striping,
  • Overhead crane modifications
  • New Roofing and Rooftop AHU work (over 200,000sf)
  • Added Aircraft Cooling systems (remote AC units) with associated piping and connections

Work was completed on time to meet critical production milestones, supporting the adjustment from two production positions within the building to six, including a “moving line” of five consecutive positions from east to west.